About us

Eco lucerna lodge is a charming place in the middle of the Peruvian jungle, more exactly in the Madre de Dios jungle, our lodge is located just a few meters from the Madre de Dios River in an ecosystem full of life and tranquility. Perfect for all those travelers who seek allegation of the bustle of cities and want to spend one or several nights in a pleasant place that covers all the needs of a good stay.

The facilities of our lodge in Madre de Dios are up to the best brands or chains in this area at the local or national level, but its main feature is the totally personalized service which makes our visitors have an excellent experience.

Our infrastructure is distributed in different Bungalows that according to the number of visitors can accommodate the needs of these. We have breakfast service, lunches and tours of the most amazing places in the Peruvian jungle. Booking at Ecolucerna lodge is totally simple and we give you all the facilities to make your visit an unforgettable memory.

Our Team

Ecolucerna Lodge is made up of professionals from the national and foreign tourism sector, all of whom have extensive experience in organizing trips throughout Peru, and in this opportunity they turn all the knowledge they have into the tourism sector into a company dedicated to the hotel industry.

We know what our travelers need and that is why all the services offered by the Eco Lucerna Lodge are specifically designed to cover all these needs. In addition, as we are specialists in travel planning, we can organize from start to finish the adventures of all visitors who want to know the magic of the Peruvian jungle.


At ECOLUCERNA LODGE we work to guarantee quality services to our guests, external and internal clients, fulfilling their expectations and obtaining their loyalty through our commitment to quality and warmth in the accommodation, food & beverage and, above all, security services.

Always committed to the sustainable development of the environment and supporting initiatives of the communities in which we are present.


In the year 2021, ecolucerna lodge will be recognized for the quality and warmth in the services provided. In addition to being the leading company within the ecological industry of the country, which defends the traditions and customs of the area.

Quality politics

It is our priority to satisfy the needs of our guests and clients, offering a quality service, with warmth, according to international hotel standards. Our processes are designed to adapt with flexibility to the evolution of the market, thus contributing to the continuous improvement of our Management System.